Tile vs Timber: Which is right for your home flooring?

It’s important to remember, during the planning stages of your new custom home design, that what’s under your feet matters. You want your flooring to be durable, but you also want it to flow with your style choice and be an asset to your home, not an afterthought. Here is what you need to consider when faced with the choice of tile or timber flooring.

Tile Flooring

The great thing about tiles for flooring is their durability and easy maintenance. Simply vacuum and mop and you’re ready to go. They are a great addition to any style of home, as the choices of colours, shapes and sizes are so vast there is absolutely something to suit any taste. From bright and tropical to low-key and classic, no matter your style choice there is a tile for you.

Timber Flooring

Timber floorboards are a luxurious addition to any home for any style. They are available in many colours and types, so there is definitely something available to suit any style of home. A darker stain of timber can look quite modern, while a0 lighter stain will look quite classic. When done right, either choice will add luxury and sophistication to your custom designed home.

When you choose Brett Ward Homes for your custom home design, we work with you to make sure the absolute best design features are chosen to suit your lifestyle, location and style needs perfectly. From timber to tile, Gold Coast to Brisbane, family homes to bachelor pads, we know what works and make sure to design and build your new home with excellence. You will love your custom new home so much, you’ll adore showing off your new timber or tile flooring to everyone visiting.

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