Shading Solutions for Luxury Modern Homes

High-end shading solutions are the new luxury home accessory. Gone are the days of costly, temporary additions such as umbrellas and added on shade sails. An integral part of most custom designed homes is its outdoor shading solutions. Especially, for those home owners who live on the sunny East Coast of Queensland in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, shading solutions are a big part of your luxury home build.

Even to protect your outdoor area from heavy wind and rainfall, a high-end shading solution is a huge asset to a luxury home. Solutions such as built in al frescos or patios are a popular design choice for many home builders, as they are not only functional and durable, but they are aesthetically pleasing and a luxurious addition to your beautiful custom home build.

Additions – such as the mentioned al fresco or patio – need to be planned during the beginning stages of your custom home design. Brett Ward Homes, your Gold Coast builder can work with you to design a fantastic modern outdoor shading solution that matches the style and materials of your home, to give you a permanent shading solution that you and your guests will adore.

A modern, custom built shading solution is a stunning addition to your luxury home, one that will transform your outdoor area into a space you will love spending time in. It will protect your beautiful furniture from harsh weather, give you a fantastic entertainment area for guests, as well as a great place for your kids to spend time outdoors without the stresses of sun exposure.

A built-in al fresco or patio won’t deteriorate and require significant amounts of maintenance like their temporary counterparts. They will simply provide a space you love, without any of the stresses you don’t need.

If you want great high-end shading solutions for your custom luxury home build, chat to us at Brett Ward Homes. Our experienced builders can help design the perfect luxury home for you and your family.

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