When a Closet Becomes a Room

A master suite does not end at the bedroom, a walk-in wardrobe is an essential feature to any luxury home. A walk-in robe (WIR) is an added feature found in many homes, not only luxury homes. However, when a closet becomes a room, it’s becomes much more than just a WIR.

A key factor to any great WIR is size. A small WIR is going to feel cramped, awkward and unusable. You want your WIR to feel opulent, grand and inviting, which means allowing it to have as much space as possible. This needs to be worked out with your luxury home builder during the beginning stages of your design. You need to consider your layout carefully, and if a grand WIR is a feature you are wanting, you’re going to want to give it as much space as you can.

Next you need to consider how big you want your WIR to be. Do you want it to be straight forward shelves and storage, or do you want occasional chairs and shoe racks as well as jewellery stands? How BIG do you want your luxury home WIR to really be? If the answer is BIG, well that’s when a closet becomes a room, and you need to think of it that way from this point forward.

This means, you need to consider where the doorways are placed on the plan from both within and without the room. Is the WIR going to lead form the master bedroom into the master bathroom? If so, that’s two doorways within the WIR that you need to consider placement of carefully. Don’t overlook shape. You don’t want weird angles in your opulent WIR, you want it to flow nicely, but still allow for the optimum amount of storage. Where will the occasional chair go? Are you wanting a station placed in the middle (as seen in the photo above)?

Consider the lighting of this room carefully too. You want to create ambiance, but you also still need to it be a functional closet. Floor length mirrors are also a great, if not essential, addition to any WIR. They are also going to be an added bonus, in that they will make the space feel even bigger. Dark colours may make the space feel quite manly and a bit like a bachelor pad. If you are wanting dark timber or black shelving say, try allowing as much natural light in as possible to open up the space.

Consult with your luxury home builder closely, as there are many added aspects that must be considered when deciding on making your WIR a luxury room. An experienced luxury home builder, like us at Brett Ward Homes, will be able to recommend the best features to help make your WIR the dream room you’ve been wanting.

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